Shan Ellsion Barker, author of A Diver Nurse Nurse Thanks Vietnam

The Author

Shân Ellison Barker

I do love a challenge, my motto is Never Give Up and I always try to turn negative into a positive.

I was born in Liverpool but I'm currently living on a small North East Essex island called West Mersea. I’ve put down my roots here but have travelled the world and I hope that, on the way, I've given happy, hilarious memories to many!

After training as a State Registered Nurse in Jersey I then joined British Airways Overseas Division as Cabin Crew where I stayed for eight fantastic years. I then returned to nursing in operating theatres. On my travels I’ve had many adventures, met many people, and it’s been a wild ride! However, my biggest achievement was giving birth to my two boys in my forties and after six miscarriages. This took me well out of my comfort zone! And I continued to be out of my comfort zone as I was writing this story of my incredible encounters in 2020 in Vietnam.

And, despite the many trials that came my way throughout the rich tapestry of life, I learned to always try and see the funny side - a good giggle goes a long way!

A Diverse Nurse Thanks Vietnam

by Shân Ellison Barker

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